The Best Forex Trader Forums For 2020

The Best Forex Trader Forums For 2020

There are a lot of different trading forums online that can help you gain an idea of the overall industry. Trading forums are a great way to connect with other traders and also get a whole idea of how people in the trading community think and react to different situations.

Most forums have a lot of irrelevant and wrong information, and they can end up misguiding you. Therefore it is crucial to do your research and conduct your due diligence.

This blog post is dedicated to all the forex trader forums that help new traders quickly gel in the trading world. I will be writing detailed reviews on each type of forex platform and will also be talking about their benefits.


Forex Factory

Forex Factory is an online foreign exchange trading platform that connects traders and also brokers. The brand offers an excellent interface and also gives out unique features for news-based trading.

The platform is easy to use and offers simple spread charting with data that has been sourced from multiple people around the world.

The forex factory is a trading forum that you can blindly and wholeheartedly trust. The forum only deals with fully regulated brokers and has the most advanced encryption technology.

The forum has a legacy to uphold, and it has been backed by a solid reputation of more than ten years. The platform might feel a little outdated in terms of its interface and its look and feel.

Online Trading

The platform is also best suited for CPUs with little scope for technical analysis. There is no dedicated mobile app for the forex factory, but users can access the forum through the web browser on your smartphones.

However, it is still painful to browse through all the content through such a small screen. The little buttons and limited platform can prove to be very hard to navigate through, and you might find yourself clicking a few buttons here and there.

The forex factory platform is one of the best platforms that you can find for news-based trading. The brand prides itself on its information quality and also on its information presentation.

They have features like the forex factory scanner and the trade explorer. These features help you monitor your trade activity and also help give you a bird’s eye view of the market.

You can use this platform to monitor micro-movements and always stay in touch.


Baby Pips

Baby pips is an ideal forum for beginners that are looking to trade in Forex. The platform is more of a teaching toolset that guides traders on the ways through which they can make well-informed decisions that can benefit them in the long run.

They have online trading courses available that have much information about almost everything and anything. The school drills everything down to the basics and explains everything in detail, like what when and how to trade.

Compare Broker

The whole platform is geared towards beginners so that anybody can read it. The entire platform has heaps of information that can even get exhaustive for beginners. The best way to use the platform is to set up an account and trade the fake money precisely the way you would treat the real money.

You can take the free courses, but you won’t be able to learn much unless you put your new teachings into practice. The baby pips platform is excellent for you to learn, and once you can master the opening and closing of trades, you need to start trading with real money in the actual market.


Earn Forex

Earn Forex is another platform that aims to provide brokers with information to become successful forex traders. This platform is an excellent platform for beginners as it can help you learn the basics and will also help give you free ebooks and articles.

The forum also gives you free ebooks and learning resources. They also are very vigilant and also have a feature called the honest broker rating system, which rates brokers based on traders’ reviews.

Compare Broker

The forum also has a lot of sophisticated algorithms that can help you in detecting suspicious reviews. The panel also helps link you to a community of traders where one can share their experiences and even at the same time, learn from others.

The forum also has a commercial content section where you can post for your company or post on behalf of your company. The platform is also very user friendly, and the support team is quick to answer consumer queries and suggestions.

The platform is also friendly towards non- English speakers and provides content in languages other than English, such as Spanish, Latin, or french.


MQL4 Forum

This forum is known as the meta-trader four official users forum. The platform claims to have the best tools available to support all the new and existing traders. It doesn’t matter if you are a new entrant into the world of trading or a seasoned trader. The meta trader four platform is said to be able to cater to everyone and anyone.

Trading Forums

The platform can give you a fundamental and technical analysis capability and help you determine compatibility with various trading markets.

The forum also has a user-friendly interface, which means that it is relatively more comfortable to use this platform than other platforms. You can use this platform to carry out high-speed trades as well.


Mt5 Forum

The MT5 forum is also a good free forex option that you can use. The platform can help you in learning a lot of different things, and it can also help you in learning new business and trading strategies.

It is one of the few forums that awards you for interacting and taking part in discussions. The panel also helps prepare you psychologically for whatever is going to come up next.

The MT5 forum has helped countless individuals in getting the right guidance at the right time, and it has also helped many individuals find good brokers that have been able to convert their cash into large amounts.

Trading discussion

The forum acts as a place to connect you with brokers that are licensed and follow all the rules. It also helps you gain an understanding of the way forex works and helps you to learn how to trade.

The MT5 forums website interface has many details on them, and the interface is simple and easy to understand. They have different discussion platforms on various topics, which means that you can connect with traders from all around the world and also connect to traders and brokers that are relevant to you.

They have a general Forex conversation site, a discussion tab on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, and even have a live trading discussion section. In these discussion sections, you can share your opinions and thoughts, and there are so many different chat boxes where you can interact with different people.


Trade 2 Win

Trade to win is a free trading platform, and it is excellent for beginners that are tight on to win claims to be the leading financial forum for traders since 2001.

The forum has a simple and straightforward interface that looks inviting and also gives out an authentic feel. The platform provides its users with a reception that has thousands of comments and advice for new traders, and they also have an advanced section for the more experienced traders.

Forex Trading

The platform is the best for discussing business strategies and is also great for checking out how the overall market thinks about a particular situation.

The forum has discussion portals on the kinds of trading that you can carry out. There are multiple different types of trading strategies, and thousands of people have given their insights on each strategy and how each approach has benefitted them or cost them.

The forum helps you gain much perspective about the trading world and also helps you know a lot about the reality of the trading world before you start trading. There are detailed discussions related to the emotions of winning and losing and strategies that you can use to be able to profit from inflation.


Daily FX

Daily FX is a new free site that gives out information from all around the world for currency traders. The Analysts report daily on the latest changes in the industry. They provide technical analysis as well, which can help you make careful considerations before trading on forex platforms.

They have a team of analysts that report to us daily on the industry changes and provide us with in-depth insights and careful considerations of the promising training table with live forex updates.

The DailyFX Forum is available in a lot of different languages like English, French, German, and so many more. Quite naturally, since it is so inclusive and has many users speaking different languages, the forum is very active.

Trading account

The site is also very responsive and is famous for being able to update its economic calendar very frequently. The DailyFX forum management also updates its economic calendar almost every ten minutes, which means that you can get current information from reliable sources.

The platform is excellent for everyday use and is especially helpful for seasoned traders. The most significant benefit is that the tool is free, and there is always useful daily fundamental and technical analysis available from highly popular and highly qualified analysts.

The technical analysis section is java based and has a chart with resistance and support levels and also provides many customizable charting tools that experienced traders can fiddle with for their analysis.


Being a trader is a difficult job and it is a task that requires hours of effort and also requires you to be sitting in front of a computer screen. We as humans crave human interaction and it is in fact very natural for us. Trading forums can be a great outlet through which you can socialize and connect with different traders from all around the world.

Trading forums can also help us become better in trading because research will help guide us on the way everyone else thinks and with time we will be able to have a very good idea on the market reactions to different forces and will be able to use those reactions to our benefit.

The best thing you can do is to not restrict yourself to a single trading forum. Lots of different forums provide us with a lot of different features and it can help you make better trading decisions each day. The graphs and charts on many platforms can help save a lot of your time and effort.

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