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Sorting & Filter

You can simply customize the comparison table by selecting filters. You can also sort the table for different features. The table is presorted for underlying and cost per trade. You can also sort it for max. leverage or min. deposit.

How accurate is the comparison table?
We constantly update our table. Our team checks the listed brokers for updates on a regular basis, most of the times - even daily. Unfortunatly we cannot give any guarantee for accuracy or completeness of the list.


About the Comparison

Our CFD Broker Analysis provides an overview of fees for the most traded securities. Through our transparent display of costs and the additional filter options, you are guaranteed to find the right broker!

About Cost per Trade

The costs refers to an average volume per trade of 1 lot / CFD contract (usually 1€/point). In most cases (standard account) we only account for the spread, which arises for 1 lot. Some brokers also charge commissions, which are included in the calculation in order to make our comparison as precise as possible. The costs for crypto currencies are given in €, but refer to the spreads in %.

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August 20, 2019
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Über BrokerCheck

What is BrokerCheck

BrokerCheck offers a transparent & detailed comparison of CFD or Futures Broker. We also offer the comparison of other financial services. Many offers are supplemented by our own reviews and customer evaluations to provide additional decision support.

Soon we will offer our own free courses on financial markets and trading, as well as interviews on general financial topics.
Our website visitors – from time to time – will enjoy exclusive and limited bonus promotions.

Why BrokerCheck
Aktueller Broker-Vergleich


What use is a comparison if it does not have the most current data? We are constantly updating our databases to replace outdated information. This is the only way we can offer you a real and transparent comparison.



Every transaction, every trade, every commission hurts your wallet! However, most people do not know that their fees are above average. A comparison can quickly and easily save up to 60% on average.



BROKERCHECK attaches great importance to TRANSPARENCY. Like other comparison websites, we earn our income by „acquiring new customers“. However, our (broker) comparisons are absolutely transparent and can be sorted and filtered as required.

How does Brokercheck work?

1. compare without obligations

Our comparison calculators are of course completely free of charge even without registration Simply select comparison, set filters and choose the offer that suits you best.

2. uncomplicated switchover

Switching is always time-consuming, but for most brokers a copy of their ID card and a simple proof of address is sufficient. Whether scanned or photographed from a mobile phone is usually irrelevant.

3. wallet gifts

This point is self-explanatory and should bring everyone a good mood. If you found our service helpful, we would be very happy if you share our website with your friends and acquaintances!

4. Pocket a Bonus

Our popular bonus promotions provide an incentive for new or experienced traders to try brokers. Our promotions will be in the form of cashback or perm. spread reductions were distributed.

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