Forex Broker Comparison

Forex Broker Comparison
March 2023

Why is a Forex broker comparison important?

The success of a trader is extremely dependent on the choice of broker. Poor trading conditions and poor service can negatively affect a trader’s performance. Every trader should therefore use our independent Forex broker comparison to find the right broker. 


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Forex Broker Comparison

Which filter options are available?

There are many different CFD brokers, which is especially confusing for trading beginners. To bring some light into the chaos, we have built filters into our CFD Broker comparison. You can filter by minimum deposit, regulation, trading platform, payment options, headquarter location, available leverage, broker type, trading features or margin requirements.

The filters are of course AJAX based and therefore adapt immediately. So you can easily try several filters at the same time. For example, if you are looking for a broker who has a negative balance protection and offers PayPal at the same time, you can do this without any problems.

If you move the slider at the minimum deposit you can easily find brokers with lower minimum deposits. This is especially suitable for traders with small accounts.

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Broker with Negative Balance Protection

Sooner or later, every trader has to deal with the issue of a negative balance. Ideally, however, one should do so before such a case occurs. That is why we have introduced the three filter options Never, Possibly and Existing. In principle, you should of course prefer brokers with a negative balance protection.

The filter Never shows only those CFD brokers where you never have to settle negative account balances. This is always the case for EU brokers as retail traders. However, some brokers also offer protection against negative account balances for professional clients or in general. 

The filter Possibly shows brokers that may have a margin call. You would have to read this in the experience report. Usually the broker then offers one or more account types. Often, professional traders are no longer excluded from the margin call or even some offshore brokers sometimes require the settlement of negative account balances.

The filter Existing shows brokers that have a margin call for all accounts.