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The Winner

About the winner - is dedicated to transforming the way people invest today. Founded in 2016 as a global fintech company, its services revolve around providing the best educational materials and tools needed for market analysis.

Their core values have set them apart, and their financial solutions have made traders actively engage in their trading activity.

As a global provider of CFD instruments, the broker prides itself on making the markets more accessible to any type of trader, offering full support for a personalized experience.

The Award

Best Trading Tools 2020

The Best Trading Tools award is chased by CFD and Forex providers, and in a world where information means power, stood out by bringing traders closer to the daily market knowledge they need. The company was founded as a global solution for anyone who wants to start their trading journey with a complete set of resources and relevant data.

A customer-centric approach means appreciating traders above all else. To uphold this, the company integrated a world-class range of tools that investors can use to develop their market intuition and track data efficiently.

This year, impressed us with their complete suite of tools from TipRanks, integrated into their high-end awarded platform, CAPEX WebTrader. capex award 2020

The Justification

Why did win the BrokerCheck award?

Why did receive our award? A big part of the financial industry provides separate tools to monitor information, making the process of tracking data more cumbersome when the markets move quickly. offers clients a revolutionary sequence of related tools that work together from the same user-friendly interface. These can be used to interpret and monitor daily market data from your desktop or the phone in your pocket.

In addition to its browser versatility, the CAPEX WebTrader platform can also be downloaded on your favourite mobile devices, on Android or iOS. surprises investors with a complete suite that’s versatile, flexible to different needs, and relevant to the markets.

capex award

The Features

The Features

Insiders’ Hot Stocks

Insiders’ Hot Stocks help you develop a broader perspective of the market by providing access to detailed executive transaction history. This means you can check out who’s been buying and selling and the total trading volumes and plan customized strategies.

When using Insiders’ Hot Stocks, you can see how each stock’s performance has been affected by the insider’s transactions. Traders can now track when insiders are buying or selling their company stock and adjust their trading activity.Insiders' Hot Stocks

Daily Analyst Ratings

Another tool from the CAPEX WebTrader integrated suite gives clients the possibility to spot relevant market movements by checking what top-rated financial analysts declare about the price evolution in the stock market. It offers a broad perspective over what stocks the experts recommend and what their price expectations are.

Traders can now discover new trading strategies to expand their investment options and create a better risk management strategy backed by accurate analyst data.Daily Analyst Ratings

News Sentiment

News Sentiment lets you discover what’s been relevant in the media for your favourite stocks in the previous week. See how and whose positive, negative, or neutral press coverage affects the market sentiment and find out how world events impact share prices.

This tool’s main perk is that you get an overview of the media buzz surrounding each stock and spot bullish/bearish trends to judge what to do.

Bloggers Opinions

You can now discover the best-performing financial bloggers and start monitoring them to get valuable stock market data. The function of measuring the performance of over 50,000 financial experts starred in websites such as Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool, or Investor Place makes collecting information from verified sources even faster for any trader.

Find out what’s trending and the general blogger consensus (bearish, bullish, or neutral) on the stocks that interest you. Add notifications for whenever your favourite bloggers change their positions and trade elegantly.

Hedge Funds Activity

With Hedge Funds Activity, you can see what professional hedge fund managers invest in and how their hedge funds perform against each other. You can gain insights into the overall sentiment of fund managers to get a more accurate view of the markets or create new trading strategies and plans based on extensive information.

The most important aspect of this tool is that it tracks a summary of the fund’s activity directly in the trading platform so that you can trade the info anytime.Hedge Funds Activity

With a complete range of tools that improve the process of monitoring the market, brings a new interactive dimension to online trading and the financial community. Still, these aren’t the only innovations the broker brings to the table, and we expect to see more from the company in the future!

capex-com has won the BrokerCheck award “Best Trading Tools 2020”.
CFD trading is risky. 78.83% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider
capex-com has won the BrokerCheck award “Best Trading Tools 2020”. Still missing some info? Then check out our review!
CFD trading is risky. 78.83% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider